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Microsoft Excel is extensively used in all business. There are many SAPConsultant or Business users not aware we can interface Microsoft Excel with simple VAB Code. Then we have an interesting question. If we use and SAP do we stop using Excel? The answer is NO.

As an SAP Consultant / Business owners you may have some report customized for your business requirement. There will be few reports which are used by one or two users. Now the next question, how much money we spend to develop this report. Quite often this report again downloaded and viewed in Microsoft Excel.

Can we get the report directly in Excel from SAP? Yes, it is possible and very simple. You can get the data from SAP directly in Excel. You can format the report as you like. You can create online dash board etc.

With this course who ever have little excel knowledge or SAP knowledge can create this SAP excel report generator program every easy.

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Course Content:

  • 1: Introduction 
  • 2: Technology 
  • 3: Prerequisite 
  • 4: Introduction to SAP System & Landscape 
  • 5: Using Microsoft Excel and VBA 
  • 6: Logging into SAP System from Microsoft Excel
  • 7: Calling Function from Excel to SAP System 

7.1 Function Module and Table Part 1
7.1 Function Module and Table Part 2
7.2 Calling Function Module from Microsoft Excel

  • 8: Integrate data in Excel 

8.1 Logon Information Integration
8.2 SAP Table to Excel
8.3 SAP Table to Excel with Input

  • 9: Nested RFC function
  • 10: VBA and Control Button
  • 11: Alternative logon
  • 12: Secure Network Communications - SNC
  • 13: Troubleshooting
  • 14: SAP VAB Tools Review
  • 15: Microsoft Excel Sample VBA Code 

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  • Unique tools using simple VBA program
  • Easy to use in any SAP landscape

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  • SAP Excel Integration
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