In today's SAP world fast moving technology, it is important you are able to find the right resource with suites for your business requirement.

Building a great SAP infrastructure is what everyone wants to when they start building their own landscape. It would be more attractive, advantageous and easier to manage with the excellent support of SAPBuddy.

SAPBuddy provides Remote Support and Various Services for SAP Customers. With extended support, your SAP infrastructure will be more easy to manage.

Currently, there are many support provided by SAPBuddy, such as:

  • Online Training: Online Training for all SAP Products, customer specific training customized your environment
  • Technical Training: SAP Technical Training (ABAP, Basis, Security etc..)
  • Functional Training: SAP Functional Training (SD, MM, HR, PP, FI, CO etc.. )
  • CV validation: SAPBuddy resource screening for new SAP Customer or SAP Support organization.
  • Training Server Hosting: SAP IDES Training server hosting. Learn and practice online any where in the world.
  • Remote Basis Support: On-demand remote basis support for Application Management and Implementation projects.
  • Pre-Audit Support: Conduct internal / pre-audit with audit standard defined by customer.
  • Audit preparation: Prepare SAP landscape for audit requirement.




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